Describe the multicultural competencies or techniques used, psychology homework help

Part of being a multiculturally competent counselor is to be able to critically apply research to your counseling. You are required to turn in a journal article critique focusing on multicultural competencies or techniques used by counselors. Focus your article critique on the Native Americans, the Alaskan Natives, or the Latinos.

The article critique should:

  • Describe the multicultural competencies or techniques used.
  • Provide a brief overview of the article that includes the article’s strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.
  • Describe how the article is helpful to the field of counseling.
  • Explain how you will use the competencies or techniques found in the article as a counselor in training.

Create a 3- to 5-page Microsoft Word document in APA format. Utilize at least three scholarly sources.

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