ANswer the following questions with supporting references

Please Answer the following questions with supporting references.

1. what can be said regarding the role of law in business? What functions does the law serve in our workplace? Cite specific examples to bolster your point.

2. Business is subject to lawsuits, but where can those lawsuits be filed? Jurisdiction determines this and is a strategy from where business operates. think about global organizations and how a lawsuit would be filed or settled if the lawsuit pertained to acts committed abroad.

3. what alternatives does a business have to traditional litigation? Why might these alternatives be advantageous?

4.Think about how Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) fits into today’s litigious society. With that in mind, how can you reconcile traditional litigation with ADR?

5. Think about how international law could affect how you would conduct a global business in the international marketplace and how you would manage the risk created.

6. considering law’s moral implications and its social responsibilities to how business should operate.

7. Think about how law impacts virtually every aspect of your life, including your ability to protect your ideas. How far should the law extend as it relates to protecting those ideas and your ability to create things?

8. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) continues to grow in scope and acceptance in the legal community. Think about the various forms of ADR that are presented and consider why one form would be preferable over the many other forms available.

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