3 pages Exhibition Review Response

Write a 3 pages exhibition response based on the new exhibition “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color” located at The Museum at FIT. double space, 12 font, times new romen

Exhibition Response Guideline:

As you consider the title, scope and content of each exhibition, analyze elements of exhibition design, including, but not limited to, use of space and overall structure; entry, paths and exit; lighting; sight lines; crowd control; label location and information (including ownership); mannequin style and display; supporting objects, if any. Keep in mind curatorial and general viewer perspectives, and support all subjective statements with specific objective points.

Structure of Review:

? A title that engages the reader.

? An opening paragraph that informs the reader of the subject, the time period and subject matter covered. By the end of the opening, the reader should also sense the reviewerÂ’s thesis, the main point.

? A paragraph that goes into further detail about the theme, purpose, or idea, or scope embodied in the exhibition.

? A paragraph about the setting and the installation. Reviews often comment, too, on whether the installation of the material helps or hinders the viewerÂ’s experience. You will probably consider the lighting and the wall texts and brochures. Remember: The curators and exhibition designers have shaped the exhibition by choosing certain works and displaying them in a certain way.

? A paragraph on the strengths. Single out the works you find especially interesting.

? A paragraph on the weaknesses.

? A concluding paragraph in which the reviewer in effect summarizes (but in fresh language) the point, the thesis, that has been established throughout the review.

Here are some pictures of this exhibition

Here is a sample on how to write exhibition response.

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