2 Discussion questions. Please submit on time. As always, original and well-answered questions with reference


(350 WORDS MINIMUM). Please read these instructions first:

YOU MUST answer the question with quality. You will be evaluated on quality, such as content, use of course and outside-of-course resources to support your position or analysis.

1. Discuss how a break-even analysis provides additional viewpoints for a new business owner.


(350 WORDS MINIMUM). Please read these instructions first:

Conduct scholarly research to provide a detailed response to one of the questions listed below.

2. Consider of examples of organizations that follow a market lag or a
market lead approach with regard to compensation. Why do they believe
it pays to pay differently than competition? What are some examples of
organizations that follow performance driven and/or work/life balance
policies? What are the pros/cons of this approach?

  • Cite all your sources per APA (both in the body and at the end of the report)
  • Professional papers are written in passive voice or as a third person. Omit “I”, “we”.

***Please don’t fail me on the deadline. If you can’t complete these
assignments on time, allow me the opportunity to get someone else to do
them- BEFORE you accept my request, not the day/hours before it is due.

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