Week 5 Task 4

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Being a Skilled Manager and Leader posted by Greg Brainard, MBA, MM/HRM


The electronic reserve readings this week provide information on a myriad of topics that are interesting and relevant! I’d like to focus on the job of managers needing to utilize the best skills from all employees, which is very true! Most people cannot wait to be a manager and get the keys to the kingdom so they can lead a group of people the way they want. However, being a manager is not an easy task for most organizations that I have seen and experienced because of the amount of work, duties, and responsibilities that mangers take on. Each time we have trained new manager for the family business as well as when I still owned my former glass business, we would train these new people based on the duties as well as what it takes to be a good manager with their people. This required new manager to seek out skills and strengths from all of their employees that would help the mangers determine what would be the most efficient and productive when it came to assigning work. Managers not only have to be good a managing people but they also need to be good leaders and motivators as well or they cannot survive the rigors of management.

What are some things that you would say to new managers at your organization that would create better leaders and motivators?

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