Watkins qualitative dissertation

Respond to the following ….use 200 or more words APA format with one in text citation

“I most identified with Watkins qualitative dissertation. Lavrakas and Roller as cited by Watkins (2016) explained qualitative research is conducted to better understand human condition about a research issue that quantitative data does not address and in this case, an opportunity to gather a story and share perspectives, rather than numerical representation was provided. The structures of chapter 4 provided the descriptive data for participates and different sources of data. Watkins (2016) used three forms of data to study, individual interviews, a two-part questionnaire and artifacts from three schools. The questionnaire open response items were listed along with teacher responses. Next the researcher identified the study’s research questions and transcribed themes for all three questions. Chapter five continues the discussion by providing researcher’s explanation of findings, a discussion of the outcomes relative to the literature, limitations, implications of findings, recommendations for future research, and the conclusion of the study (Watkins, 2016).


Watkins, T. M. (2016). Professional learning community implementation and teacher perceptions of participation influences on professional growth (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Dissertations & Theses @ Grand Canyon University.”

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