Theatre Apprecia Quiz- 25 question

Q1. Howard Sholwitz, Artistic Director at Woolly Mammouth Theatre Company, defines 7 reasons why theatre matters. Which of these is NOT one of his reasons:

-It contributes to our economy and helps to revitalize neglected neighborhoods.

-Theatre brings people together.

-It helps with Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

-It influences the way we think and feel about our own lives.

Q2. Eric Berridge, in his Ted Talk, feels Tech needs the Humanities because:

-STEM is a colossal mistake and the path of the future workforce should not be dominated by STEM.

-All of these answers are correct.

-The path of the future workforces should not be dominated by STEM.

-The sciences teach us how to build things, but the humanities teach us what and why to build things.


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