Sociology Essay

  • Length: Approximately 500-700 words, and should be very specific about the terms and concepts mentioned in the textbook.



By this point in the course you should have acquired an understanding of
the sociological bases of deviant behavior. The paper gives you an
opportunity to demonstrate this understanding. Please keep in mind that
this assignment is intended to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge
of course material.

By submitting this assignment, students will be able to apply one or
more of the theoretical perspectives on deviance to one of the following
topics: Deviance in the military, Drug user/addicts, Young offenders, Prostitution, White-collar criminals, School cheaters, Organized crime, Terrorists, Police deviance.

1) Describe why the behavior is considered deviant.

2) How do these deviants view their own behavior? For example, do
they regard their deviance as a one-time aberration or see it as a
deviant career? Justify your answer.

3) In your view, what impacts (both positive and negative) does the deviant

behavior have on society?

4) In what ways has society responded or reacted to the deviance?

5) Provide an analysis of the deviant behavior from the perspective
of ONE OR MORE of the sociological theories on deviance set out in the
text and discussed in lectures.

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