short paper for operation management

Please answer the following questions base on Power Point;

around 5 pages, double space

Please use a company that you want to establish to answer the following questions:

  • Chapter 8: Please evaluate an existing company of the industry as a comparison and identify the types of forecasting and demand planning methods that your dream company is going to adopt; be sure to include a minimum of two methods in your description and explain how real business practice may be more challenging (25 points).
  • Chapter 9: Using the inventory management of an existing company of the same industry as a comparison, please define different types of inventories in your dream company¬ís supply chain, describe and use diagrams to illustrate how you may or may not implement fixed quantity system in the company with concepts such as reorder points and economic order quantity, and also briefly illustrate how you may or may not implement fixed period system (25 points).
  • Chapter 10: Please examine the lean six sigma system of existing companies of the same industry as comparison, describe the potential use of lean six sigma in your dream company, evaluate how you can build and implement some of the lean six sigma tools and approaches, and also briefly describes the side-effects of lean system with industry examples (25 points).
  • Chapter 4 and 5: Please describe the supply chain network design of your dream company and explain how the design could be used to support your company¬ís marketing and operations; please also describe how your business marketing and operations can define and impact your supply chain design; and explain how recent trends in supply chain management such as reverse logistics, global supply chain management, and any other viable applications that could influence the supply chain management practice in your company (25 points).

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