Self-Analysis of Exosystem


We worked last week about micro and mesosystems. I would like you to help me this week as well. To, refresh your mind this is what I send you last week

I’m a female, 3 kids, husband (combat veteran, we live in 4 stations around the world), went thru one divorce, daddy’s girl, mom didn’t love me… have preference with my sister until today. been 2 years that I don’t talk to her. I’m from Puerto Rico living in Tampa. Started in retail in 2005 until 2011 that I studied Medical Assistant. now in the human service field to get a bachelors degree. Working in a Cancer Center 50 plus hours a week. I live with no family around only friends. All my family is in Puerto Rico but no connection with mom side, dad side (the ones that I have connection with) are living in other states. thank you in advance

Now this is what I need now if you can help,

Your project this week focuses on your exosystem. Write a self-analysis of the groups and institutions that make up your community and how their interactions have influenced you. Include discussion about events that have occurred within your community and how they affected your development. Make sure to use reference support in APA format to explain the networks and conclusions you have identified. This section should be done in 1-2 pages.

Living in Puerto Rico until when I was 16, we used to go to a place that doesn’t exist anymore, something like boys and girls club (here in the united states), they try to keep us out of gangs and drugs. Having a lot of activities for adolescents like talent shows, helping the low income projects to keep them clean and helping other kids as mentors. this project was from school and I don’t remember the name since was more than 15 years ago. They affect me because where I come from you need to survive, to be a good persons. Half of my friends from school are drug users and they didn’t went to far with life. I moved to the united states because I want to be someone with a better future. This project that I want to call “Los angeles de Bayamon” help me to keep me in track just like others.

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