RE: SOCW6351(W9) Response to 2 students

Respond to at least two colleagues in one of the following ways:

  • Describe two factors that might make minority groups especially vulnerable in the Medicaid policy your colleague cited. Explain why these groups may not have a voice in the policy-making process.
  • Offer examples of organized self-help and citizensÂ’ groups as both support mechanisms and potentially powerful lobbies. Describe how these lobbying bodies can help in amending the policy your colleague described.

Support your response with specific references to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

Response to Efrain.

Hello Class,

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid health care program. This program pays for a variety of medical services for children and adults with limited income and resources ( Medical covers those who incomes at or below $16,105 for an individual and $21,708 for married couples, there are some other program requirements in regards to resources. Resources include on primary home, one vehicle, and certain households items ( These state program policies affect many families especially with children. Based on the current changes to cost of living and current economic trends there should be a reform in this policy regarding income and resources if we truly want to make health care more affordable for families, and remove barriers to get people the coverage they need. One thing to realize is that assets may disappear overtime if the individual or family has to end up using them throughout time as a last resort to pay up important medical bills or other required necessities. This policy has potential to disenfranchise families who could potentially be eligible but are eliminated due to a specific required assest.

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Response to Madea

Good evening class,

In 1965, President Johnson signed Social Security Amendment promising to improve health and medical services for people of all ages. That is when the evolution of health care policies began to influence programs such as medicaid and medicare in my opinion. Before this amendment Medical coverage originally was separated by Part A which was Hospital care and Part B which was medical insuarance. These two parts covered individuals in higher age groups. Over time, policies were formed to ensure that all people receive adequate medical care. Medicaid and medicare now service low-income people, families and children, pregnant women, elderly people and the disabled.

In Ohio, one of the branches of the medicare/medicaid system is called CareSource and one of the policies states that individuals have to complete a Council for affordable Quality Healthcare application and wait until their income is checked to receive insurance if they qualify. I would amend this because I feel all situations are different. A regular doctors visit is different from constant needed care. I think policies should reflect circumstance and not be made generally.

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