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1.Select one event (terror, man-made, or natural hazard) no further back than 2002, the prepare a 1200-word, APA-formatted paper that assesses the response to that event. Your paper must include the following:

Provide a synopsis of the event.

Was an All-Hazards Umbrella concept employed?

If an All-Hazards approach was employed, identify the core concepts.

If an All-Hazards approach was NOT employed, identify core concepts that should have been employed.

Identify lessons learned from this event, whether identified through your research or through your own observation of the response, and indicate how future responses could be improved.

2.Identify the characteristics of an all-hazards approach to homeland security, and assess whether it is a reasonable use of limited resources.

Participation Requirements:

Consult the grading rubric in the Faculty & Course Info section for the grading criteria.

Original discussion board posts:

Create a thread for your original post identified with your name

250-350 words long with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar

Include three (3) different sources

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