Obtain familiarity with a variety of useful Excel functions, business and finance homework help

  1. As the starting point for this assignment, download and use the Excel Assignment #2 ‘data file’ template that is provided.
  2. Part #1:

a. On the ‘Part1 Datafile’ worksheet, follow the instructions in Row #2 to provide the solution in Row #12 for each of the Excel
verbs or functions noted.

b. Use the ‘Freeze Pane’ function to anchor the column and row headers. (To see how this works, first use the arrow keys to
navigate to cell AE26 –and notice that the column and row headers are no longer visible (rows 1 and 2; columns A and B). Now,
to see how ‘Freeze Pane’ works: navigate to cell C3, then: View>Freeze Panes>Freeze Panes. Once the ‘Freeze Panes’ option
has been set in cell C3, columns A and B, and rows 1 and 2 will be frozen as you navigate around the worksheet. Now, use the
arrow keys again to navigate to cell AE26 –but this time, the column and row headings remain visible. Whammo. Nice.)

3. Part #2: On the ‘Part2 Narrative Input’ worksheet, write a concise summary of what each of the three the Excel functions do -and
provide a description of an analysis situation in which each would be beneficial:

  1. Pivot table (See AYK14 for an example)
  2. VLOOKUP and/or HLOOKUP (see AYK18 for an example)
  3. ‘Scenario Manager’ (see AYK25 for an example)

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