Market Environment, business and finance homework help

there are tree different parts on their I need them on all separate page and labeled

1.1 Market Environment

Using what
you have learned from your reading this week, research REI and develop a
profile of its marketing environment. Use the REI Marketing Environment
Worksheet to develop your analysis. Submit your worksheet to the assignment

2.1 Selection and Resource List
For your course project, submit the company you
have chosen, along with the product or service for which you will conduct your
marketing analysis. In your submission, provide a detailed description of the
organization and its product or service. Provide a rationale for your
selection. Also, submit a list of four to five resources you will use to assist

3.1 Product Offerings

Evaluate the
product offerings at REI. Select a product category and review the product line
at REI, then select a similar competitor and review its products for the same
category. Take a close look at product features and benefits, distribution,
promotion, and pricing.

Then, review
the direction and focus of REI from the Fickes article. After completing your
analysis and comparison, how does REI compare with the competitors you have
reviewed? Submit your review comments in the assignment area.…(REI Explores
New Heights.

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