Jewish ceremony

Graded on

(1) Attending a service.

For example, Reform Jews must go to an Orthodox, Conservative, Hasidic synagogue (and vice versa).

(3) Understanding the narrative of meaning (myth) as expressed in the service by interviewing a leader or congregant. For example, Judaism is a “myth of history.” What does that mean and how do you see it played out in the service? Hint: Asking the rabbi or congregant about the “myth of history” will likely elicit confusion because this is an academic term. Your job is to translate “myth of history” into a question that will draw out an answer about the narrative of meaning of Judaism. This report is a test of your understanding of this concept.

(4) Ability to describe at least one symbol and explain its transcendent, complex, or paradoxical aspects by talking to a leader or congregant. Review the mini-lecture, “Symbol.”

(5) Ability to describe how the worship rituals tie and bind the congregants to community and divinity and order time. Note that rituals include prayers, offerings, and ceremonies at the worship service, as well as life passage rituals like bar mitzvah, and festival celebrations like the High Holy Days.

(6) Describe premodern, modern, and/or postmodern elements of the service explaining what makes them so. The sanctuary does not have to be all three, in fact, it would be unusual if it were. Review the mini-lecture, “Impact of Modernity.”

800 word minimum. Include word count. Photo of you at the sanctuary required.

I’ve taken the picture already

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