Final Paper of 25 pages

The paper should be in a format of introduction/Background, analysis and conclusion for below 6 questions.

Apple: Privacy vs. Safety? Major Case Questions:

1. If you were in Cook’s shoes, would you comply with the court order to help the FBI access the data on the iPhone used in the San Bernardino shooting? Why or why not?

2. What are Apple’s responsibilities for public safety?

3. What are Apple’s responsibilities for customer privacy? Does Cook have additional responsibilities to take into account in this situation? If so, what are they?

4. Does your answer to providing access vary with the government agency or national government requesting the data? Why or why not?

5. Is there a way for Cook to resolve the apparent tension among these various responsibilities?

These are the Requirements for the paper:

1. Title page that includes atleast major case team name, team members, case title and date;

2. Each page be numbered and the length be 25 pages double spaced with including 15 references;

3. Complete references in the back using MLA style and insert those references appropriately into the text of your case analysis.

4. Plagarisim should be zero percent

5. The citations must be included whenever it is required

6. Paper should be in a APA format and the references are in MLA Style.

Please go through the below link for review of the questions.

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