Disater Planning and Clinical Performance


Review Chapter 5 in The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization.

  1. Respond to the following topic:
    1. Why should clinical performance be focused on outcomes? (p. 146)
    2. Why are six dimensions (safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable) of measurement necessary? (p. 146)
    3. Why is it important that medical diagnosis is a heuristic process? (p. 146)

Review Chapter 12 in The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization.

2.Respond to the following topic:

    1. Your community HCO is in a large coastal city located in hurricane territory. You have been assigned to a Process Improvement Team (PIT) and tasked with providing a brief review of the lessons learned from HCOs that have encountered a natural disaster. As part of your review, provide the following information:
      1. What are the lessons learned regarding disaster planning?
      2. What are the lessons learned regarding staffing an HCO during a disaster?

Your response for each questions should be 200 to 250 words in length and include at least three citations from the textbook, articles, or other credible sources. Your citations must be in proper APA format.


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