Decriminalization of drugs , writing homework help

a research paper about decriminalization and in specific marijuana.

1- Introduction

hook: Do you know how many people use drugs today.

narrow down: Most of them using marijuana

thesis statement: there are many people who advocate for and against the decriminalization of illegal drugs and marijuana and reference specific counties in their argument.

2- Background

historical overview- drug strength: Talking about the history of marijuana. A researcher says that marijuana today effect you more than the stuff back in 1970’s and he compare beer as the old stuff to a whole bottle of alcohol as today’s marijuana( Brett).

***historical overview of legalization in the U.S.: add to this point that …. I have been more than two years in the U.S so I will talk about it

3- Major point 1: there are many benefits of decriminalizing drugs and marijuana

minor point 1: Increasing in the economy by taxing the drugs

examples from Portugal, Amsterdam and Massachusetts.

minor point 2: the number of drug users

examples the same as the first one

minor pointe 3: the number of people who get sick or die because of drugs



minor point 4: the price of drugs decreased

– explain why price decrease

– example country

minor point 5: control of drug distribution

– explain

– example

4- Analysis for this major point

5- Transition: “cannabis use is associated with a greater risk of schizophrenia, but the magnitude of this effect is small; indeed, it has been estimated that it would be necessary to prevent 9000 people from using cannabis to prevent 1 case of schizophrenia”

6- Major point 2: people who fight against legalize marijuana and drugs

minor 1: there is no benefit of marijuana and drugs. “After decades of study the FDA continues to reaffirm that there is no medical benefit provided by the use of smoked marijuana”.

minor 2: Dose decrease price increase drug users

7- Analysis 2

outdated, not many resources. Religion, i’m from Saudi Arabia, my country has very strict law on criminalization illegal drugs because the country based on relegation, which is Islam.

8- conclusion:

Restatement of thesis: Many people think that decriminalization all drugs will help the country and there are some people who are against that.

Add some more points from the source, which i gave you or add some sources from your own source but please give me the MLA cation for it.

the point that has *** please add something on it.

The minimum is 6 pages and maximum 8 pages. The due is the end of today. The last time is at 8 in the morning on Thursday.

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