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In this chapter, you will learn about marketing processes and consumer behavior. After you have read Chapter 11, please use the topic below as a starting point for class discussions, but please feel free to generate and initiate your own topics, including any questions or comment you may have for the concepts and content of this chapter.

At a minimum for every chapter, you need to submit at least one
primary discussion posting(s) in response to the instructor’s topic or a
new topic initiated by another student. You also need to submit at
least one secondary posting(s) commenting on other students’
postings. Please note that initiating a new topic is classified as a
primary posting. In the subject line of your posting, please indicate
whether it is primary, i.e. initiating a new topic, responding to the
instructor’s topic or to a new topic initiated by another student, or
secondary, i.e. commenting on other student’s postings.

1. Please read the chapter-opening case “Building a Brand with Social Media” on page 345 and answer the following questions: Tell me about other successful companies that have used social media to promote a brand? What do you need to do to be successful with social media? What social media channels would you recommend for a start-up?

2 replies

1 Primary Posting – Reply to Instructor

1. The prime example of using social media to promote a brand would be Kylie Jenner as well as the the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

2. I think to be successful, you need to have attention grabbing ad campaigns to get people to go look at what you have, almost like click bait. I think just having good marketing strategies, like having different promotions and a good catch phrases.

3. I would recommend using instagram when trying to promote a start-up. Instagram is the main social media outlet right now. The demographic of instagram is males and females of all ages, races, economic backgrounds, and religions. You can create a page for your start-up and share pictures, and now that instagram does ads throughout peoples feeds, you pay a fee, and then can be seen by people scrolling through their feeds.

2 Primary Post

A very well known company that have used social media to promote their brand is Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics, or companies like Gymshark and Alphalete. Those companies tend to be more focused towards the younger audience, usually late teens or young adults. They do this by using Snapchat and Instagram a lot.

To be successful with social media a company must be able to grab the audience’s attention, nowadays a lot of companies are placing a bit of humor in their ads, which a lot of people love. A favorite company of mine on Twitter is Wendy’s as they tend to reply to users relatively fast, not only do they respond humorously, they also bash their competitors which everyone loves seeing. I know this method has worked because I felt the want to eat Wendy’s after seeing their banters being tweeted.

There are a ton of social media channels for start-ups to use; it all depends on what the start-up is producing and where they are located. A lot of companies overseas in China use WhatsApp to communicate and sell products or even themselves. A majority of companies in the US use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to advertise. I believe the most important one would be Facebook as they have a huge base and a lot of tools to help start-ups get recognized, such as being able to pay to have your advertisement published.

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