Use the above example to construct a good form of a Modus Tollens argument

  • On the Allegory of Plato’s Cave: Present the real life interpretation of Plato’s allegory of the cave, paying particular attention to the meaning of “the Cave”, “ being chained facing only one direction, and seeing only shadows”, “the one person that escaped the cave”. “the Sun”, “”his eyes at first was unable to look at the Sun”, “his ability to look at the sun after a while”, “his going back to the cave and explaining to the others in the cave his experience outside the cave”, “the cave dwellers’ refusal to believe him and attempt to even kill him”.
  • On Modus Ponens:

If I win Lottery, then am Rich.

Am Rich.

Therefore, I won Lottery.

Explain why it is a wrong argument for you to affirm the Consequent (am Rich) to be your 2nd Premise, and the antecedent (I won lottery) to be the conclusion of the argument.

  • Using the above example, present the good example of a Modus Ponens argument.
  • Use the above example to construct a good form of a Modus Tollens argument.

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