The Terrible Cost of Specialness

No MLA Style required. No sources required. Opinion based. Extremely short responses is all that is required.

Below is a short article from UB Professor Emeritus Dr. Brownstein, who talks about the concept of “specialness”. Brownstein suggest that, “The ego thrives on separateness and differences”. He goes on to say, “We are all experts on our own ego and its predilections. Our ego tells us what makes us happy or unhappy. We believe if we get more of the “happy” and less of the “unhappy,” we will finally be fulfilled. Being an expert on “me” means that we lose our ability to find the deep abiding happiness that our True Self provides. When we honor our ego’s false beliefs, we feed our ego power”.

What do you think of Dr. Bronstein’s commentary?

What do you think of Professor van Vliet’s comments regarding perceived “pew ownership” in a place of worship?

Post your thoughts and comments.

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