stat project

In this project, you will formulate a claim based on a population proportion, then you will collect data, perform calculations and present your results for testing your claim. This project is split into three parts, attached is the outline you will need to complete for each stage of the project.

Part 1 – Due Tuesday,

Find a statement about a population proportion in a newspaper, magazine, or internet article on a topic that is of interest to you. Submit a typed report that includes your topic and your belief (your claim about the statement).Attach the original article or a copy of the article with your project. Your claim about the population proportion (p) must be expressed in words and in symbolic form.

Part 2 –

You will collect a random sample of data corresponding to your population proportion (Part 1) via a survey. Your sample size should be at least 30 members of your population. Resubmit a copy of the typed report from part 1, include your survey questions, your data collected, an explanation of your data collection method, a statement about the difficulties and problems you encountered while taking your sample, thoughts about the validity of your sampling technique (bias, voluntary responses, leading questions, etc.), and thoughts about what could be done to improve your sampling.

Part 3 –

Use your collected sample data (Part 2) to perform a hypothesis test that tests your claim about the article’s statement (Part 1). The hypothesis should be conducted using the traditional method and a 5% significance level. Additionally, determine the p-value for the hypothesis test; construct a 95% confidence interval for the sample; calculate the ideal sample size needed to improve the study using a 2% margin of error and maintaining a 5% significance level; and summarize your results of the project.

I have attched an EXAMPLE of part one, do not use the content in this example. I have also attched a template of part 1, 2, and 3. Only part one is due tomorrow, please take your time and get the other 2 parts to me in up to a week.. thank you for the quality work!

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