recommendations on how to prevent or disrupt your selected group from attacking the United States homeland

Assignment Instructions

the final assignment, you will take the midterm and the progress
assignment and combine the two into one seamless. (I attached the midterm and the progress assignment below). In addition
to your first two papers (already provided below), you will make at least three substantive
recommendations on how to prevent or disrupt your selected group from
attacking the United States homeland. Make
sure your recommendations are focused only on the homeland as this is
not a foreign policy or international relations course. Also, make sure
your recommendations address a role for state and local agencies (as we
discussed in week 4)
. In lieu of an abstract, an executive summary should be included.

Final paper is due Sunday of Week 8. The completed paper must be double
spaced and follow guidelines (parenthetical citation format) and be
free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors (see example
paper from the progress assignment).

with the above directions, quality of your analysis, and the SSGS
Assignment Rubric for 300-400 Level Classes will be used to evaluate
this assignment. Assignment Rubric Assignment Rubric

Note on the three paper assignment series:
The first paper (the midterm) is about the group you select and
basically provides a historical perspective about the group. The second
paper (the progress assignment) is a red cell where you put yourself in
the shoes of the terrorist group by thinking like they would to
determine how the U.S. can do intelligence collection on the terrorist

the final assignment, you will combine all that you wrote in the first
two papers into one seamless document and you will add at least three
recommendations you would provide to a Homeland Security policy maker on
how to counter your selected organization. Be sure to improve your
writing based on feedback you receive from the midterm and progress


Written according to the APA style and format;

Use Times New Roman 12 point font;

1 inch margins on all sides

Double space all text (no extra lines or spaces after a paragraph or section heading)

Executive Summary

respectable number of credible resources used, cited in the paper as
in-text citations, and included on the reference page. A good rule of
thumb is at least 2-3 scholarly sources per page of content.

I attached both papers (midterm paper and progress assignment paper) and course reading material. I will provide additional information in case you need it.

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