read and writing the requirements

In ” “The Fairy Tale Hero: The Image of Man in the Fairy Tale” Max Lüthi explores the representation of males in fairy tales, including the idea of “peculiarity of era”, psychological and sociological interpretations, and the “image of man.” There is much in this essay to which you can respond.

Read the essay, and mark comments you agree with and mark comments you disagree with or have a serious question about. Then, choose the one quote/section that most interests you or emotionally engages you, and work through the steps below.

  1. Include the quote, exactly as it appears in the essay by Lüthi.
  2. Write a well-developed paragraph about why you agreed or disagreed with the quote or why you question it (or want to know more).
  3. Support your own ideas & follow a clear logic within the paragraph.
    • Stay focused on proving or disproving the author’s idea contained in your quote.
    • Use details from the stories
  4. Create one question sparked by reading the essay. (You do not have to answer the question, simply write your question)
  5. the page of essay 367

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