You can choose to revise and resubmit either unit paper 1 or 2 from this semester. When

choosing which paper to revise, consider which essay interested you most and which needs the

most work. Clearly, this may not be the same paper.

Whichever paper you choose, you need to try something more complicated than a

cleaning-up of the grammar and other sentence level concerns (although they are a part of

revision). A revision is quite literally a “re-seeing” of a piece of writing. Maybe something

you’ve read in another class has had an impact on your thinking on one of the earlier papers

you’ve written. Maybe comments I’ve written or comments from tutors, or class workshops

affect the way you see your argument. You might seek new, different pieces of evidence to

support your claims. Perhaps your revision will be primarily structural or stylistic; your essay

might benefit from a change in tone or a reordering of paragraph structure.

However you go about the revision, be sure that you’re not merely making sentence-level

changes. Also, don’t just throw in an extra paragraph without looking at how an addition affects

the logic or style of the paper as a whole. I can’t guarantee you that the change will “work out”

in the sense that the product itself, the revised paper, will deserve a higher grade. What I can

promise is that a clear, genuine attempt at revision will not give you a lower grade than your

original grade. A paper with only sentence-level grammar or spelling changes, however, will

receive the same grade as the original. I can also guarantee you that the experience of revisiting

an older piece of writing will be beneficial in the long term for you as a thinker and a writer.

Aside from the revisions mentioned above, the developments you make to your paper will vary

from person to person. You may need to:


Add or rephrase your title


clarify/strengthen your claim


address the “so what” question (i.e., explore the significance of your claim) in the intro

and/or conclusion


reorganize paragraphs so that the ideas presented therein work to support your claim

without repeating the same point


produce transitions between paragraphs (if you can’t come up with a transition between

paragraphs, it may be a sign that the paragraphs don’t belong together and need to be



craft clear topic sentences for paragraphs (remember, a topic sentence should not simply

summarize a plot element or idea; it needs to make a particular claim that the rest of the

paragraph supports with evidence)


add textual evidence (bring in quotes and/or specific examples from the

readings/film/personal experience)


analyze the evidence already present in the paper (i.e., explain


the quote or anecdote

illustrates the point you’re making and

in what way

it’s relevant to your larger claim)


reframe your conclusion (remember a conclusion should do more than repeat what

you’ve said in the paper; there can certainly be an element of re-emphasizing your claim,

but the conclusion is also your chance to make a final impact on your reader by giving

them something to think about or emphasizing the significance of what you’re saying)


correct any mistakes in your use of MLA citation style (add a Works Cited page if you

didn’t do so originally)

You’re not expected to address every issue in the paper during this revision—to do so

would be a much longer revision process; instead, try to tackle the most significant issues in

the paper.

As you begin to make changes to the graded document that contains my comments in the

margins, you will need to make sure that you’ve turned on the “Track Changes” tool in

Microsoft Word or Pages. This tool does just what its name says: keeps track of changes and

revisions you make in your essay.

You MUST use this tool in your final revision of either

your Unit 1 or 2 paper.

I will not read or grade revised essays that do not utilize Track


Just as important be sure that you save the file as a new name. I recommend that you just

add the words “Track Changes” to the existing file name. You need to do this so that you

have the original copy with my comments on it and also your track changes document as


Directions to Turn On Track Changes:

1—Click “Review” and then click on Track Changes so that “Yes” appears

2—Then move the cursor into the paragraph to test that you’ve turned on Track Changes and just

type any two random letters. The letters should show up in a new color. If the letters do not show

up in a new color then be sure to click “On” again and try the same test again.

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