Problem Solving Skills

I have attached the previous 3 papers that correlate with this paper. I also attached my first paper because I did not do well on this, I will attach the comments with this paper that need revising here (This paper is titled Leadership and Management) MBA 550 Final Project Part I Rubric (SA) feedback: Jaclyn, several critical elements are not addressed. Paper needs better organization.
Self-Assessment: Results: Good discussion here.
Self-Assessment: Compare and Contrast: Good.
Leadership and Management: Career Track: This and the following critical elements were smooshed together and some were not dealt with clearly. There was nothing explicit about Zuckerberg’s career track.
Leadership and Management: Leadership: Dealt with this–but could be more specific.
Leadership and Management: Management: Specific management roles are not addressed.
Articulation of Response: Organization could be better–see my announcements–not all elements are addressed. There are only three references–assignment requires five.

The milestone assignments will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on four organizational scenarios to demonstrate your understanding of leadership in
organizational behavior. These assignments are designed to develop your skills in analyzing various organizational leadership situations dealing with skills
assessment, team-building, vision and culture, problem solving, and conflict management.

Prompt: For Milestone Three: Problem-Solving and Conflict Management, you will submit a short paper or presentation as you analyze your chosen leader’s
problem-solving skills, highlighting the tools, methods, and strategies he or she used, and explain which of the tools, methods, and strategies you would
use/emulate and which you would avoid. Share what knowledge, skills, and abilities related to conflict management and negotiation you possess, and analyze
your leader’s knowledge, skills, and abilities related to conflict management and negotiation. Explain at least two of the techniques you would use/emulate and
how they would help you. In the assignment, use personal reflection information of your experiential knowledge on these topics along with the research on your
chosen leader and concepts and theory information from the text. Be sure to explain the leader’s use of appropriate tools, methods, and strategies for
organizational problem-solving and decision-making. Use evidence to classify conflict management styles and select the most appropriate conflict management
approach for effectively communicating and resolving organizational behavioral disputes. Identify and list leadership problem-solving skills, abilities, and
knowledge to demonstrate effective communication and conflict resolution techniques that enhance organizational culture.

You will be evaluated on the analysis of your chosen leader’s problem-solving skills and use of tools, methods, and strategies; identification and summary of
which tools, methods, and strategies you would use and emulate and which of these methods you would avoid; analysis of your knowledge, skills, and abilities
related to conflict management and negotiation; analysis of your chosen leaders knowledge, skills, and abilities in these areas; identification of the techniques
you would use/emulate and how they would help you in your learning; critical thinking applied to your work product; and the articulation of your response in the
writing process.

Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Three must be in APA style. Include a separate title and reference page, an introduction, subheadings, and a conclusion.
The requirements for this assignment are 2 to 4 pages in length (not including title and reference pages), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch
margins, and at least two discipline-appropriate citations.

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