Political Science Writing Assignment.


The answers to each questions need to be in full paragraphs. 1 paragraph per part of the question.

1. Each paragraphs must be at least 4-5 sentences long; no shorter than 50 words and no longer than 250 words.

2. Each paragraphs needs at least 2 different references and a reference list in full bibliographic citation using Chicago Manual of Style format.

3. No alternative facts allowed. All evidence must come from either a textbook, academic, government sources, or reputable experts.

4. All the keywords provided in the question should be use and underlined in bold.

5. No references allowed in the topic sentence, no quotes, no first person references, no contractions, no direct referencing.

6. All answers should be in statements.

7. Use this textbook, can be found in Amazon kindle: Sandel, Michael J. 2010. Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? NY:Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Your help will be greatly appreciated! (I have a rough draft, hence would like to use this as a reference for my work.)

P.S. Ask me if you need a sample to see how it is done. (:

Question 1:Give an example of a moral dilemma concerning justice within your field of interest. Does it fall under one of the three approaches to justice? Which approach best supports your position about this dilemma? Explain and justify your reasoning.(key words:moral reflection, maximize welfare, freedom, virtue, good life)

Question 2: Explain whether a just society is one that seeks to promote virtue or is one where laws are neutral.In your field, are there instances where you would like to see laws (rules) exhibit more virtue? If so, what are they and why?If not, why not?(key words:virtue, neutral, rights, law, justice)

Question 3. Compare and contrast Bentham and Mill’s philosophies of utilitarianism. In your field, do professionals seek to maximize happiness or individual liberty?Explain your answer and provide evidence to justify your position.(key words: Bentham, Mill, utilitarianism, maximize, happiness, individual liberty

Question 4:Locate a policy related paper, article, or editorial in current events media authored or published by an elected official, advocacy group, or academic institution in your field about a morally questionable behavior.How does the author defend what is considered to be “morally permissible”?What justifications does the author use to support the assertions in the document?Are those justifications closer to Bentham’s or Mill’s perspective?Explain your answer. (key words:Bentham, Mill, morally permissible, morally questionable, policy)

Question 5:Explain how you would personally be affected if the US government reflected a minimal state. Would a minimalist state advocated by Libertarians change the way professionals in your field conduct their work? Why or why not? Would work conducted in your field of interest be affected if the US government did not have the types of polices and laws that Libertarians reject?Why or why not? (Key words: Libertarian, minimalist state, professionals, policies, laws)

Question 6:Explain how the concept of liberty can upset patterned theories of distributive justice. How would a redistribution of wealth would affect the incentive to work and/or productivity in your field of interest?Explain and give an example of the impact it would have on people like you in your field of interest.(key words: liberty, patterned theories of distributive justice, distribution of wealth, incentives, productivity, impact)

Question 7:Are there public services that are more appropriate for privatization than others in your field of interest?If so, what are they?If not, why not?Are there goods and social practices in your field that would be corrupted if they were bought and sold commercially?If so, how would they be corrupted?If not, then identify the reasons they are not privatized now.(privatized/privatization, goods, social practices, corrupted/corruption, commercial)

Question 8:Locate a policy related paper, article, or editorial in current events media authored or published by an elected official, advocacy group, or academic institution in your field about privatizing a good, service, or practice.How does the author defend his/her position on privatization?What justifications does the author use to support the assertions in the document?Explain whether the author’s position is closer to the libertarian, utilitarian, or market skeptic’s position on markets? (key words:privatizing/privatization, good/service/practice, policy, libertarian/utilitarian/skeptic).

Question 9:Provide an example of a corporate or government policy or procedure related to your field of interest that is motivated either by duty or by inclination.Explain the moral principle at stake in this policy or procedure.Explain how practical reason is behind this policy.(key words:policy, duty, inclination, moral principle, practical reason).

Question 10:Using an event reported in the media, provide an example from your field of interest where action taken reflects a categorical imperative.Explain how the action is based on a categorical duty or right as a moral imperative.In your estimation, did the action maintain the duty of respect?Why or why not? (key words:event, action, categorical imperative, categorical duty/right, respect)-

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