Organizational Communication Discussion Forum

Does it bother you when people misspell or mispronounce words, or use the wrong word? In this forum I want you to cover 5 (or more) of your pet peeves about language. Do so in the following format: 1. The incorrect word or words followed by an example of how the word(s) are (mis)used in a sentence. 2. Two references that give the correct spelling or usage, and a sample sentence with the correct usage. 3. After you complete your list of words, write a brief paragraph explaining why you think catching these mistakes is an important part of organizational communication.

For example: Seen — “When I was at the store yesterday I seen your cousin.” The Oxford English Dictionary and the Grammar Girl website both confirm that the correct word for this sentence is “saw.” When I was at the store yesterday I saw your cousin.

At the end of your list, explain why it’s important to catch these mistakes.) Make sure your answers use clear, correct spelling, grammar, etc.

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