mythology class


Instructions: EACH response must be 4-5 well-developed paragraphs (each essay should be 400-word count: 12 pt. fonts only will be accepted format). Read each question carefully as you prepare your submission:) Have you answered all elements of the question; 2) Have you used the resources required (our course textbook(s) and lectures;) Did you proofread your work)

) Are all references properly cited (MLA).

  1. Using both text and lectures: Discuss thoroughly the festival called The Brauronia. Include in your response, the purpose, participants, and the context.
  2. Using both text and lectures What are the components of Edith Hall’s paradigm for the heroine? Why is Iphigenia the model she chooses for her theory? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  3. Using both text and lectures: Utilizing the plays by Euripides, covered in lecture and text: Medea, The Bacchae, and Iphigenia; discuss how female characters were presented by Euripides? You must discuss at least two of the plays/characters, and of course you are free to discuss all three in your response. Consider such elements as status of women, agency (power) of women and the nature of sacrifice, (such as Iphigenia’s offering of her life), and madness if applicable.
  4. Using both text and lectures Based on reading in the Odyssey, the Maurizio text and multiple lectures; discuss the character of Odysseus from the perspective of his weaknesses: such as hubris (pride), relationship with the feminine (women), and how does he use his ‘wit and wisdom’ to survive? And, lastly, why is he a likable character in your opinion?
  5. Using both text and lectures: Considering bad-boy Dionysius, how does he become associated with wine, revelry, and emotion-based unseemly behavior? How did he become associated with theater? In your response, include a discussion of his association with wine as an important product in the social and economic factor of Ancient Greece

** Each topic should be in a separate file.

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