Methods Write Up about soil sample collecting(500-1000)

1.please read instruction before you start it not a native speaker. so please check the my writing sample first thanks

3.The write-up will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • Length (10 points): Did it meet the length requirement?
  • Thoroughness (50 points): Did it answer all the questions listed above thoroughly?
  • Writing (20 points): Was it written in clear, concise, grammatically correct sentences? Were paragraphs well-organized, with a topic sentence and relevant supporting information? Were all sources cited appropriately?
  • Timeliness of submission (20 points): Was it submitted on time, via Blackboard?
  • Extra excellence points: You can earn up to 5 extra points if your write-up goes above and beyond in some way – for example, if it is written in a really professional manner, or includes a great figure, or if you include a more comprehensive summary of what the method can be used for that includes several published studies.

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