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Discussion 1: Methods of Measuring

The center point of research studies is the body of data collected to answer the research question. These data must be measured, which is the act of sorting them out and quantifying them in some cohesive way in order to construct meaning¬óbut how can you measure something that is not quantifiable? For example, how would you measure a phenomenon? How would you measure the feelings of adolescents in a certain situation? For this Discussion, choose one phenomenon, or abstract concept, and think about how it can be operationally defined and measured. What method and instrument could you use to measure it?

Post by Day 3. Choose a phenomenon (love, anger, compassion, or something similar) and suggest a method and an instrument for measuring it. Create a question or set of questions that operationalize the concept. Then provide explanations for the following questions:

What level of measurement applies to your proposed measure?

How did you determine whether the questions and response options are both reliable and valid?

How would you collect the data (in person, telephone, mail)? Individually or in groups? Self-administered or researcher-administered?

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