Mass media product

Identify a mass media product and create a project around them. It can be a radio or television network or station, a publisher, an internet organization…anything that defines a mass media outlet. Answer a question or concern about the industry and how your product (station, internet site, publisher, etc.) has out paced others by being the best or most creative or what ever their standard is that makes them stand out in the industry. It should be 2-3 pages.

In addition to answering a question or defining and addressing a problem, you must share what makes your company work. 5-7 pages

– Who started the company/organization/group? What does the leadership comprise of currently?

– What is the leadership style of the owner/management?

– Organization slogan/motto/standard

– Company goals (5-10 year); Short, Mid term and Long term goals

– What is changing about the industry

– Are they a diverse organization?

– Company standing in the industry?

-What are they known for?

– How do they market themselves?

– How was the company,etc. financed; what is their current financial structure (corp., llc, etc.).

– Salaries

– A Global Plan?

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