Market Value

Assignment 1 Steps

Resources: Marketing: Ch. 2: pg. 40-46, 54-69; Ch. 3: pg.
72-92; Ch. 8: pg. 207-227; Ch. 9: pg. 242-257

Scenario: You are the marketing manager for a local nonprofit
charity whose funding is based on membership fees. You’ve noticed a severe drop
in new memberships and a decline in repeat memberships, which is threatening
your organization’s ability to survive and grow. You have decided to implement
the Five-Step Marketing Research Process to help understand the problem and
create solution strategies to implement.

Create a 10- to 20-slide (not counting the cover
slide and reference slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation
with speaker’s notes on the Five-Step Marketing Research Approach detailing how
you will use each step to solve the membership issue the local nonprofit
charity is facing.

Address the following in your role as marketing manager:

·Define the Five-Step Marketing Research Approach and
discuss the importance of research in marketing.

·Describe each step of the Marketing Research
Approach (one slide for each step) in detail including its goal, and create an
example aligned to the scenario above to illustrate how that stage would
be implemented toward the problem’s solution.

·Define the two types of research data this process
gathers and their pros and cons. Share examples of each type that would be
useful in solving the scenario.

·Compare and contrast the Five-Step Process with two
alternative methods for conducting marketing research. What are the pros
and cons of each?

·Define what it means to differentiate a service and
provide an example to illustrate how the local nonprofit charity in the
scenario can use the strategy to help increase target market interest.

·Explain how differentiation will help position the

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources with one being
from the textbook or the University Library.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Purpose of Assignment

The Product Life Cycle (PLC) is a vital component of the
marketing plan. Monitoring products and services as they flow through this
process helps marketing managers adjust their marketing strategies to keep
products and services thriving for as long as possible. Monitoring this cycle
helps companies and organizations continue to maximize the value of their
products and services with their target over time. The purpose of this
assignment is to give students the opportunity to understand how each stage in
the PLC creates a need for adjustment to marketing strategies and allows
students to assess what action(s) need to be taken.

Assignment 2 Steps

Resources: Marketing: Ch. 1: pg. 4-10; Ch. 2: pg.40-46,
54-69; Ch. 11: pg. 292-309

Scenario: You currently work as the marketing manager of your
favorite company/organization and manage the success of one of its products or
services. Your responsibility is to monitor the stages of the Product Life
Cycle (PLC) and adjust the marketing strategies as needed for your product to
thrive for as long as possible. At each stage, you assess changes you need to
make to the product, price strategy, as well as competition and profit.

Create a 10- to 20-slide (not counting cover slide or reference
slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s
notes covering the following criteria:

·Develop a slide setting the theme and goals of
the presentation.

·Define and discuss the PLC concept and its importance to
marketing managers.

·Define and discuss what role pricing strategy has in
marketing and how marketing mangers decide what strategy to use.

·Describewhat company/organization and product/service you
are using.

·Create one slide for each of the four stages of
the PLC describing the stage and analyzes the implications each stage may have
on price strategy, product, competition, and profit for your selected
product/service. Use the product/service you selected to illustrate each
stage as it is discussed with original examples.

·Discuss the reasoning behind why the PLC is important to
marketing managers and share examples of possible implications if it is not

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources with one coming
from the textbook or the University Library. Use in-text citations in the
presentation slides and speaker’s notes to demonstrate your research.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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