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Assume that you are negotiating the purchase of a new automobile and that you are discussing the terms and conditions of your purchase with one of the agents who works at the dealership where you are buying your car. During the negotiations, you are told that the car can get 52 miles per gallon of gas on city streets and 60 miles per gallon of gas on the ‘open road.’ You are also told that the car retains its retail value better than any comparable car on the road and that you will get 85% of the full purchase value of the car, regardless of its condition, should you decided to trade it in for a newer model at the same dealership within 3 years of the date of purchase. Lastly, you are told that if you use the same salesperson (assuming said person is still at the agency), you will get a 5% discount on the purchase price. You are presented with a pre-printed 4 page document that contains 24 paragraphs. You are requested to sign the document at the end (where indicated) and you do. After 6 months, you realize that the car does not get the represented mileage. You attempt to trade it in for another similar model and you are denied your request. You also realize that the car has depreciated more than similar priced cars.

You file a lawsuit against the dealership. What arguments would you expect the dealership to make against you if none of the above promises were contained in the pre-printed document that you signed? How would you respond to the arguments?

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