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A religious ritual can be defined as an agrred-on and formalized pattern of ceremonial movement and verbal expression carried out in

a sacred context. The significance of rituals , called rites of passage , Are connected with critical events in the life of individuals through

the difficulties of such critical passages in life from one state to another , As well as assist society in accepting significant changes in the

status or the loss of their members. Example puberty rites that the individual passes ‘Beyond the natural mode , The mode of the child

and gains access to the cultural mode, that is , he is introduced to spiritual values ‘ Other examples are marriage and funeral rites.

Life -Crisis rites , undertaken to meet a specific crisis in the life of an individual or a community , Such as illness , miscarriage, most

religions have rituals that invoke divine assistance or ward off supernatural powers as ameans of curing disease. Religious rituals

such marriage and exorcists still exist today within certain religions such as :Hebrew religion , Christianity and Islam. Religious

symbols such as crosses and or the Star of David , or staues of buddha or statues of the saints in catholic reigion.

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