creating and mapping the customer experience for a business as a CRM Manager (Yves Saint Laurent)

Before you start the assignment, read the pdf file attached: Internet of Things, “How we manage customer relationships”. For insights on how to deal with the assigment. The word document has the requirements on how and what to do.

For this major individual assignment, you as a CRM manager will be creating and mapping the customer experience for a business (YSL). The customer experience can be broken down into these phases from a customer perspective:

  • Discover
  • Plan/Enroll/Entertain/Sample
  • Arrive
  • Engage
  • Complete
  • Reflect/Loyalty

Phase I In this project, you must choose a business that you are familiar with, in this case, Yves Saint Laurent. Using observational or interview techniques, primary and secondary research document each stage of the customer experience for at least 2 customers, perhaps more if you have time. Be detailed in your observations.

for the customer experience part, definitely do an excel sheet with a grid.

Phase II After this experience, write an executive summary that covers the following in 2000 words or less.

  • Brief overview of the business
  • Describe and document the customer experience – compare/contrast customers
  • Reflection on what you (as marketing manager) learned about the customer from this experience
  • Make a set of recommendations to improve the customer experience.
  • You may include a diagram of the customer experience


APA citations

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