Consumer Behavior Questionnaire interview

My instructor, in consumer behavior’s class, ask as to make interview with people. I want to answer the questions “Prepare a transcript (verbatim) of all the interviews. For effective time management, it is important that you transcribe your interviews immediately. Include the transcripts in the appendix section of your report.”

I want interview 3 different people with different age and education

the interview questions:

Main Questions:

  • 1-How important is it for you to touch the products prior to purchasing them?
  • 2-For what products do you feel that haptic information is important? Why?
  • 3-For what types of products is it most important?
  • 4-What kinds of products feel good to the touch and make you more likely to buy them?
  • 5-What sensory information does touching products give you? Please elaborate and give me examples.
  • 6-How does your sense of touch influence your buying decision?
  • 7-Is there anything you don’t buy because of how it feels?
  • 8-Is there anything you don’t buy if you cannot touch it prior to purchase?
  • 9-What do you, as a consumer, do if you are unable to hold/feel a product before buying?
  • 10-Think of the last time you wanted to buy something but were not able to touch it (for example, an online purchase situation). Explain the situation.
  • 11-How could marketers compensate for the lack of touch to make you more comfortable when buying a product?
  • 12-What could retailers do to make it easier to purchase things online (considering that people cannot touch products in online purchases)?
    • a)Do you think that the inability to touch online purchased products affects the way that consumers approach their online purchasing decisions?
  • a)Tell me if you ended buying the product or not.
  • b)What did you do to compensate for the lack of haptic information?

Demographic questions:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Education Level

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