considering having your five year old start school a year later, paper discussing importance of education.

My Topic
will be – My five-year-old’s birthday is just one month before the age cut-off
for kindergarten. You are considering having him/her start school a year later.
I think this is important because some studies show early childhood learning
could benefit the child more as they become older. I will look for resources
from educational studies about the best head start programs.


4-6 pages, describe your action plan for dealing with your Lot in Life. As part of your solution you should explain how your research on the topic has guided your plan of action.Describe any obstacles or challenges that may prevent your plan of action from being successful.Conclude your paper with a reflection of why you chose this particular Lot in Life to study and how your research of the topic has influenced your views of parenting.


Type in 8-10 of your references, numbered to keep track. It is suggested
that for 4-6 of these references you write a few lines for the ones that you
find to be most useful(the key points/takeways).

For instance,

1. Your reference typed here

A sentence/line or two about what you found in the reference that was

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