Business Writing

Business Writing

You are going to apply the three-step writing process to write a business report. For this assignment, you are free to write an informational report, an analytical report, or a proposal.

Choose a business that you are interested in and write either an informational report or an analytical report about the company. Or, if you want, you can write a proposal for a new business you would like to start (as long as you still complete secondary research and include references).

Additional Guidelines:

-Your final report must be presented in APA style.

-You must use at least 3 secondary sources.

-Your paper must contain a clear statement of purpose (topic sentence).

-Your paper must contain at least 5 pages of content.

Informational Report:

-Statement of Purpose

-Company Description

-Background and History

-Mission Statement

-Products and Services

-Major Competition

-Marketing Strategy

-Diversity Plan

Analytical Report:

-Industry/Market Analysis

-Customer Analysis

-Competitive analysis

-Market Analysis

-SWOT Analysis:






-Statement of Purpose

-Summary (in one or two paragraphs, summarize your business concept)

-Mission and objectives

-Company and industry

-Products or services

-Market and competition

If you don’t already have a company in mind to research, I would suggest picking a Fortune 500 Company. You will find plenty of information on each of these companies.

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