BGMT 409 Organizational Theory & Behavior

This is an assignment in my Organizational Theory & Behavior (BGMT 409)

we talk in class about the definition of double-talk (Which is saying something and meaning the opposite, also in George Orwell, 1984 definition.

and my professor ask us to write ONE paper about double-talk

Read the requirement clearly:

Paper 1: Doubletalk, doublethink: language experience of “talks” (short paper, 1 – 2 pages)

This is an individual paper. The instructor wants to learn about your experience of leadership/organizational doubletalk, doublethink, and other “talks” you have personally encountered in your adult, professional, and other lives that changed you and your outlook on the world. Have you experienced the use of language that appeared to “argue for” something, while in fact undermined the very issue the speaker seemed to have been building the case? The instructor is curious if you could observe and identify doubletalk and doublethink? Please be honest and creative, and feel free to talk about other ideas and issues about which you care and think, illuminating the dichotomies of the language you have seen, felt, and experienced. You should be honest, original and creative, clearly presenting your thoughts and ideas about the subject you are writing

Note: This should be just one paper, also your response should be VERY SIMPLE AND CLREAR.

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