bad news email and persuasive email


i have a assignment about bad news email and persuasive email that i need two separate paper for each , Im gonna give you the link of my ebook if you need to read about it…

pass: Yasamin20

and then select bus 32 fall 2018

instruction for bad news email

our best friend applied to Apple, where you are the manager. He or she had 4 interviews, but since you are the manager of the department, it falls upon you to give them the bad news. Use buffers, but do not make yourself culpable of legal transgressions.

instruction for persuasive email:

Convince me in a three- to four-paragraph email why I should give you an “A” in this class. Pay particular attention to convincing me BASED ON MY VALUES, STANDARDS AND REASONS WHY I TEACH as a professor and then tell me why you fit the parameters..


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