As an employee, write an internal memo to your manager addressing the following

Internet Case 12.7 – Analyzing Stockholders’ Equity and EPS

– As an employee, write an internal memo to your manager addressing the following:

Using the Internet, locate the most recent annual report of a company of your choosing and write an initial post by responding to the following:

  • Do not research AMAZON.
  • For the most recent day indicated, what were the highest and lowest prices at which the company’s common stock sold?
  • Find the company’s balance sheet and determine the following: the number of outstanding shares of common stock and the average price at which those shares were originally sold.
  • What is the relationship between the current market price and the amount you have calculated in part b as the average price at which the stock originally sold?
  • Find the company’s income statement and identify the trend in basic earnings per share, including discontinued operations. Did discontinued operations have a significant impact on EPS?
  • For the most recent year, what is the average number of shares of common stock that was used to compute basic earnings per share? Why is that number different from the number outstanding in the company’s balance sheet?

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