Argument for the United States Electoral College

Please check the attached file it has the direction step by step and it has example you have to folow:

1) Pick one of the following topics:

a) Commercialization of the Holidays

b) The Electoral College

c) Sports Injuries

d) News Media

2. Create an “arguable claim”
3. Determine the “grounds” you will use in support of the claim. (Pick at least 2 reasons one should accept your claim.)
4. Locate one source of each of the following types:

a) Book in Print (not a book online)
b) Magazine in Print (not an online magazine)
c) 2 Articles found through a database (can be the same database or two different ones) ­­
d) Professional Website

5. Write a precis for 2 of the articles you find (print and online)?
6. For each of your grounds (reasons in support of your claim) list the specific research you would work into your essay.?
7. Provide a Works Cited page

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