5-2 FP M4: Financial Impact of Sustainability

Concerning the financial impact to XYZ Manufacturing Company of implementing the environmental and social sustainability measures shown in 4-2 FPM3_Submission, examine the financial sustainability forecast, discuss what impact emerging technologies or industry best practices will have on the environment and social sustainability plans.

Be sure to cover all aspects of the paper, include headers, to be BOLDED & UNDERLINED, for each topic. The headers should be as follows:

Implications for Financial: Plan – Logically explain how environmental and social sustainability plan could potentially affect financial sustainability of XYZ in the long term and provides appropriate support for explanation

Implications on Financial: Technology – Accurately analyze the implications of emerging technology or best practices on environmental and social sustainability on the financial bottom line of XYZ, how these differ from the company researched in the overview, and provides appropriate support for answers

Integration: Come Together – Logically explain how financial, social, and environmental plans of XYZ come together to represent the best practices of sustainability; logically explain how these plans relate to the researched company’s plans; and provides support for answers

Integration: Balance – Explain how to balance and remove conflict among all aspects of the triple bottom line and provides support for answer

Integration: Outline – Outline logical key milestones XYZ would need to meet to achieve the level of environmental, social, and financial sustainability that the researched company has currently achieved

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