write my proposal

Follow this outline:

Proposal: College professors should stop giving hard-copy exams.

I. Introduction

A. Video of people cutting trees to catch people’s attention ( I will do this part )

B. Detailed distribution of my proposal.

C. Background information on when did people start using hard-copies.

II. Body of Presentation

A. We can save a lot of trees.

B. Because of many trees are being cut down, professors should stop giving hard-copy exams.

C. Evidence

1. Statistics of how many trees are being cut down a year

2. Export opinion of why it is harmful for the environment when using hard-copies.

III. Address objections to your argument.

A. Technological problems.

B. Cost of using electronic devices vs papers

IV. Conclusion

A. It is harmful for the environment (use evidence)

B. We as students should reject to take hard-copy exams and start using electronic devices.

C. Use a picture to make my proposal memorable ( I will find it by myself)

KEEP IN MIND: pls make this proposal fun and easy. Nothing needs to be complex. Total length should be around 4 pages, this is a 5 mins presentation.

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