Write a paper about technology in education

Task1.Technology Assignment: Identify technology (generally referred to as assistive technology) which could be used to support a student with a disability. Students are to identify several forms of technology which could be used to facilitate academic achievement. Students are to write a two page paper explaining ideas on the uses of assistive technology. APA format

Task2. Create a short PowerPoint Presentation: This is an outline, not ppt , and I will according to your outline to make a ppt (no more than 3 slides describing what it is, how to use it and where to get it. (picture, source, cost)

Choose 1 “low tech” 1 medium tech, 1 high tech” devices. This task just write a outline about the paper, (Technology paper)

Slide 1,2,3 ( slide1“low tech”,slide 2 “medium tech” (computer, reading pen…), slide 3 “high tech” (google slides…) Describes technology, what it is used for, how it is used, where to find it/cost, and appropriate learning styles and subjects technology can be used for. what students would benefit;describe what barriers, how to remove barriers; which subject /when the student could use; how it helps student access curriculum

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