Wk 6 Major Project: Leadership Interview Paper, assignment help

Wk 6 Major Project: Leadership Interview Paper

Each student will research and interview a leader of his/her choice. Your analysis of the leader and the leader’s style (based on the interview and what you may be able to observe) will be summarized in a Leadership Interview Paper that should be a minimum of 5 – 7 pages and formatted in APA style. Contents include, but are not limited to, the following:

An introduction to include a description of the leader, the leader’s background, experiences, and current position. Background information should include education, family, professional/career path.

An analysis of the individual’s leadership style and behaviors. Identify and discuss at least two theories at work in your selected leader’s style of leadership. Does their leadership style compare with any biblical examples of leadership?

A discussion of the leader’s strengths and weaknesses in his/her current position. What contributes to the success or failure in this position? Why is the leader effective (or not) in this position?

Your opinion of the leader’s future for potential advancement and growth. Will the leader advance or has the leader peaked? Where can the leader go?

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