Why do you think American Imperialism stirred debate?

This is an exercise in ethics and civics.

The United States, like many industrial nations, entered into a new
race for colonies at the end of the nineteenth century (the Age of High
Imperialism). The Europeans squared off in a Scramble for Africa, the
United States and Japan were vying in the Pacific, and everyone was
carving up spheres of influence in Asia. While the United States did
create a formal empire and expand its informal empire over Latin America
during this time, the concept of American Empire stirred quite a bit of

Prompt: Why do you think American Imperialism stirred
debate? Which side of the issue (imperialist or anti-imperialist) had
the best argument? (for this latter, do not use presentist (looking at
the past from our own perspective in the early 21st century) arguments –
use the reasoning of the time when considering your response).

your answer, you must provide a clear thesis statement (which states
your position as to which side had the best argument). You must discuss
both formal and informal empire and address both the pro- and
anti-positions, must include a minimum of TWO primary sources (from
which you pull evidence and analyze in a meaningful way), and you must
utilize specific and detailed historical facts (which can be specific
people, events, places, or ideas/concepts).

Be sure to properly cite using Turabian/Chicago style FOOTNOTES

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