Who is the speaker in the poem? , journal assignment help

1.Who is the speaker in the poem? Explain their viewpoint. How do you know? Give 2 examples from the poem to prove your argument.

2. Hanh states, “We have the practice of tea meditation. We sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and our brotherhood, sisterhood. It takes one hour to just enjoy a cup of tea. Every moment is a moment of happiness. And during the hour of tea meditation, you cultivate joy, brotherhood, sisterhood, dwelling in the here and the now.”Where do you find your “tea meditation?” Is there a time in your day when you just relax and enjoy the world around you?

3.Would you describe the speaker’s relationship with the lover described as “you” as a head-over-heels romance, or as a romance that developed slowly over time? Which words support your position?

4,.What is the speaker’s perspective regarding choices in life? in Robert Frost- The Road Not Taken

Use textual evidence to support your claim.

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