What significant new things did you learn from this week’s module?

In our Week 1 Introduction Discussion many of you posted that you wanted to learn more about the Civil War.

please answer all the following questions

1) What significant new things did you learn from this week’s module? Write an in depth and thorough analysis.

2) How did your perspective about the war change from our study this week? Use examples and evidence from this week’s module 15, Chapter 14.
Make sure you display knowledge of Chapter 14 and the resources in the Week 15 Module. Do not make a list. Tell me what you learned by explaining and analyzing the topic or topics.

part of this assignment is a Reply post

Write a reply to a classmate. Your post should show understanding of the student’s post and your knowledge of the reading for Week 15.
Your reply should display new material beyond what you posted in your initial post and beyond what the student posted to which you reply.
Your reply should be at least 3 sentences long.

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